Creator of ‘The Mousetrap’, the world’s longest running play, and two of detective fiction’s most famous sleuths, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, Dame Agatha Christie is admired the world over for her ingenious murder mysteries. Voted ‘Greatest Mystery Writer of the 20th Century’ at the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention in 2000, she is affectionately known as the Queen of Crime. But how much do you know about her private life? Put your ‘little grey cells’ to the test and try this fun quiz.

  1. What was the name of the house from which Agatha Christie disappeared on Friday 3rd December 1926?
  2. Who did she kiss goodbye before she left the house?
  3. Who photographed Archie Christie on Sandwich Golf Course with his mistress Nancy Neele?
  4. What stuffed animal presided over the entrance hall of Abney Hall?
  5. Who fell out of the wardrobe with Agatha's daughter Rosalind just before the disappearance?
  6. Name the book the writer was working on before she went missing?
  7. Which famous pool was dragged for Agatha’s body?
  8. Which newspaper offered a £100 reward for information leading to the discovery of the crime writer's whereabouts?
  9. Who was called ‘Starry Eyes’ by the Watts side of Agatha's family?
  10. Name the police officer who took the view that Mrs Christie would return once she had worked out her little problem?
  11. To whom did Agatha dedicate The Mystery of the Blue Train?
  12. Which member of the Watts family said of Agatha's sister: ‘Madge is the worst thing that ever happened to this family’?
  13. Where did Agatha’s husband Archie spend the night of the disappearance?
  14. Name the newspaper that ran the front page headline: ‘Where is Agatha Christie? by the Man who Caught Crippen.
  15. To whom was the third letter posted on the morning after Agatha’s disappearance?
  16. Name the hotel in Las Palmas where Agatha stayed in February 1927 which later became the setting for the Miss Marple short story, ‘The Companion.’
  17. Why did Agatha move to 22 Cresswell Place in Chelsea?
  18. Which member of Agatha’s family was jilted by his fiancée in 1930?
  19. What inscription did Agatha write in Nan’s copy of Dumb Witness in 1937?
  20. What was the name of the island on which Graham Gardner’s mother-in-law was shipwrecked in 1910?

Agatha Christie

  1. How many people searched for Agatha, seen above, on the day of the Great Sunday Hunt?
  2. To which family member did Agatha give signed copies of the six novels she wrote between 1930 and 1956 under the secret none de plume of Mary Westmacott?
  3. Name the item Agatha’s sister Madge removed from Abney Hall when it was bombed during the Second World War which later appeared as a clue in After the Funeral?
  4. Which of Judith Gardner’s former beaus did Agatha introduce herself to at the library?
  5. Which family members inspired the characters of Stephen and Alex Restarick in They Do It With Mirrors?
  6. Who frequented the tea and cake shops in Chelsea?
  7. What happened to Agatha on the ‘Night of a Thousand Stars’?
  8. Who did Agatha name as her favourite composers?
  9. Why did Agatha cancel her holiday to the West Indies in the autumn of 1928?
  10. Name the church where Agatha married her second husband Max Mallowan?
  11. What was the title of the 1925 short story on which Agatha based her play Witness for the Prosecution?
  12. When Agatha’s nephew Jack Watts died in July 1961 to whom did the crime writer give a lift in her car to the wake?
  13. Who was Agatha’s housekeeper at Greenway?
  14. What did Agatha cite in 1972 as her ‘ideal of beauty in nature’?
  15. Who were dubbed ‘the Crossword Queens’?
  16. Name the journalist to whom Agatha gave a much-publicized interview in the Observer in its 14 December 1969 edition?
  17. To which members of the Royal Family was Agatha presented at the film premiere of Murder on the Orient Express?
  18. What two items did a burglar steal from Agatha’s bedroom at Winterbrook House?
  19. Where is the legendary crime writer buried?
  20. Which member of the Harry Codd Dance Band reprised his role in real-life for the 1979 Warners Bros. film Agatha which proposed an imaginary solution to the mystery of Agatha’s disappearance?

Congratulations to everyone who answered correctly all the questions in this quiz. The answers are located in Jared Cade’s bestselling biography Agatha Christie and the Eleven Missing Days. Why not order your copy now by clicking here?

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